That Time We Shorted (EPOL) iShares Trust Poland ETF - Technical Analysis, Trade Recap!

(EPOL) aims to capture the concentrated nature of the Polish equity market as it tracks a broad index that selects and weights its constituents by market-cap. This ETF offers exposure to Polish equity markets, allowing investors to tap into a potentially promising emerging market in Eastern Europe.

Poland has a rich and fascinating history that has shaped the country into what it is today. Throughout its long and storied past, Poland has been a crossroads for various cultures and nations, and its history has been marked by periods of great prosperity and growth as well as times of conflict and hardship.

The earliest known inhabitants of what is now Poland were the Slavic tribes, who arrived in the region around the 6th century AD. These tribes eventually formed a number of small states, the largest of which was the state of Poland.

In 966 AD, Duke Mieszko I of Poland converted to Christianity, bringing the country into the fold of Western Europe. This paved the way for the growth of a strong Polish state and the establishment of a Polish identity.

During the Middle Ages, Poland flourished as a center of trade and commerce, and the Polish state grew in size and power. The country was ruled by a series of powerful kings, including Kazimierz the Great, who expanded the Polish state and introduced a number of reforms that laid the groundwork for its later prosperity.

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In the 16th century, Poland faced a number of challenges, including invasions by neighboring powers and internal conflicts. Despite these challenges, Poland continued to grow and prosper, and in the 17th and 18th centuries, it became one of the largest and most powerful countries in Europe.

However, Poland’s fortunes took a turn for the worse in the 19th century, when it was partitioned by neighboring powers and disappeared from the map of Europe for more than a century. The people of Poland struggled to maintain their cultural and national identity during this time, and many were forced to emigrate in search of better opportunities.

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After the end of World War I, Poland regained its independence and once again became a sovereign state. The country faced many challenges in the years following its independence, including the impact of World War II and the subsequent Soviet occupation.

In 1989, Poland made the transition to a democratic government, and since then it has become a thriving democracy and a member of the European Union. Today, Poland is a vibrant and growing country with a rich and fascinating history that continues to shape its present and future.

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so the next symbol we’re going to be

getting into if you’re in the Discord

you already knew about it make sure you

join the Discord at it’s

available right on the home page click

the join button it’s free completely

free always will be free

so what were we talking about

boom here we are on the Discord bearish

stock symbols live right now Discord

as you can see we were talking about

spoiler spoiler spoilers Roku if you

haven’t seen the Roku video go make sure

to go check that out filmed it right

before this one Poland e-poll it is a

U.S derivative that tracks

polish underlyings so it’s not no penny

stock the major market index


this video is only like a minute and

30 minutes long some something small so

we’re gonna watch the whole thing

together here

the price point was 21.76 when we made

this video

filmed on August 9th 2021 2021


I don’t know trading view has been uh

doing a lot recently against changing

their website


we do have this pretty solid resist


I wouldn’t be putting my money on that

line that’s

no sir no shot

and that’s it that’s it

so as you can see as you can see this is

filmed August 9th 2021 available on my

YouTube channel it’s been available on

my YouTube channel nobody’s hiding

anything from you come brutal honesty

always right as you can see we

identified this clear downward trending

price Channel very obvious it’s actually

a very nice looking price Channel isn’t

it if only if it was just up trending so

you you know it’s a little so it was

growing over time but it’s not it’s

actually decreasing over time the

country as a whole e-poll is decreasing

over time the dividend on e-poll is

actually low relative to a lot of these

symbols as you can see right here I have

this watch list

these are U.S derivatives that are

representative of foreign underlying so

like e-poll is uh Poland ewi Italy uh

and then you have ewt ewi Ewa d e w e w

j which is Japan right ewg which is

Germany you have all these different

symbols a lot of them grow over time and

offer massive dividends like three

percent four percent five percent even

you know like really good dividends I

love these symbols I trade them all the

time bold up and down equal on the other

hand only offers a 0.74 dividend which

is minuscule in comparison to a lot of

the other symbols

that I just referenced it’s peers you

might say so where is this company today

again this was filmed at

21.76 it was at the resistance of this

downward trending price Channel could

not have been more clear let’s see where

it’s at today

again we were talking about this in disc

spoilers we’re talking about this in


make sure you go check that out you have

access to the stock bot and a lot of

other great resources we have we haven’t

been opening these but as you can see

look at this chart we made the video 21

76 cents 21.76 where is it it’s at like

twelve dollars guys twelve dollars let’s

pull it up and trading View

we need to see it in trading

guys it’s literally the same chart it’s

literally the same chart it’s literally

the same chart it could not have played

out more perfectly we made this at

21.76 boom right here in this candle and

it proceeded to tank how much how much

let’s measure

as much as 50 the major market index

currently 38.54 that is huge that

out of all the indexes we’ve talked

about because you know markets as a

whole globally over the past year have

been relatively

sluggish right but

that might be damn near the worst

performer of all of them so bad

and that was uh we were there we were

able to recognize this overbought nature

represented by the RSI look at that look

at that represented by the downward

trending price Channel and the

resistance in play obvious obvious we

were able to recognize this at the top

so that we could potentially move out of

positions in that country and then maybe

even open new short positions and make

gains on the downside over the past year

which we were able to do you’re only

able to do this though if you recognize

when these things have opportune times

to buy and opportune times to sell every

good story has a beginning a middle and

an end and right now I’m filming the end

of this story that I started a year ago

right that’s what we’re doing we’re

recapping these trades that we placed

over the past year so

2170 to the very bottom that was 51.43

that sold off like harder than any other

country be happy us assets aren’t down

like that right if you go from the very

top very top that was

that didn’t change at all that was like

two percent negligible negligible

we were there so could you so

but let’s look at the dividend actually

something I just noticed this is news to



as we were dating the dividend when we

were at the top was a 0.74 as shown in

this video the dividend today is now

2.71 much better I love that that just

comes around when it’s at the bottom

right and when it’s at the top it had

the tiny dividend which again if you’re

shorting a company and that company pays

a dividend you the bear pay that

dividend to the person who would have

been holding those shares you shorted

Bears don’t like when companies have

high dividends Bulls love High dividends

so it would have made it pretty easy to

short if you took advantage of it while

the dividend was only 0.7 but now that

we’re at the bottom of this downward

trending price Channel it has an

increased dividend of 2.71 how

convenient how nice

where might we expect this company to go

over the next year well

clear price downward shining price

Channel something you might not want to

hold for extremely long term but I feel

that you would be in a really good

position to be holding it for at roughly

a year why do I think this well for

example we were able to identify that

this was overbought based on a couple

variables one of them is this RSI as you

can see it’s overbought here the last

time it was overbought was over here

the last time it was overbought it

proceeded to sell off as much as 50. wow

what a coincidence 55 what did it do

this time 52 and if you go to the very


55 guys

it’s almost like it’s a copy paste


RSI peaked out sold off 55 RSI peaked

out sold off 55 so on the inverse of

that right the current the RSI is

currently at the bottom touching this

little green 30 mark this is typically a

bullish symbol as we State across every

symbol we look at you know very

consistent set of standards that we

applied to every symbol that we look at

and on Friday it was up six percent wow

that’s very nice



CD Project Read anyone cyberpunk anyone


so the RSI is over oversold touching

that bullish Mark right there what

happened the last time it touched this

line here well that was March 2022. it

proceeded to grow let’s use this instead

proceeded to grow as much as

87 a major market index that’s crazy but

that you know that has to be a fluke

right well what happened the time before

that that e-pols RSI was touching the

bottom the green Mark that typically

oversold the opportune time to buy what

happened what happened

proceeded to grow as much as 73 percent

see one two but let’s look at it ready

we have here we have one we have example


how many more times do I gotta show this

to you we gotta last time I touched the

support of this downward training price

Channel boom right here that was how


55 55 to the upside so as you can see

these Cycles happen all the time all the

time and you got to be looking at these

time frames right so right now I’m

looking at a monthly time frame these

are huge candles the biggest we are the

biggest we don’t trade penny stocks here

we move entire countries so every one of

these candles represents one month of

time you need to keep in mind these

Cycles don’t happen overnight they don’t

even happen a week from now they don’t

even happen a singular month from now

but here we are

one year later after having made this

video when the company was at


21.76 we stated it was overbought look

the RSI was high downward trending price


what happened from the exact price point

we were talking about it straight down

direct path not no uh

zigzags you know it’s a very direct very

easy to hold without getting emotional

and scared right

couldn’t have been better

so what a coincidence I think Apple was

a very solid trade over over the past

year that he could have been a part of

but it’s okay it’s not too late you can

now play it back to the upside with us


if you put your bids in right down here

you could expect as much as a 78 gain

that’s massive again at a major market

index collect that 2.7 1 dividend that’s

a pretty solid dividend too in its own

right you know the s p is what like

1.4 nasdaq’s like

0.6.7 so very good dividend on top of


uh again because of the downward

trending price Channel Poland is one of

the only not only countries but

one of the few countries that actually

is not growing over five year periods

10-year period so I wouldn’t really want

to be in there forever but if you wanted

to play in that range it makes a lot of

sense it also makes a lot of sense

considering we just covered uh vgk which

is the European Vanguard derivative U.S

derivative that you cannot all have

access to

e-pol you should also also be able to

easily get access to three or three your

brokerage because it’s an ishares us

derivative right

shouldn’t have been any problems buying

these if you were interested but a lot

of European indexes are currently at

their supports and finding like actuals

like they’re bouncing look over the past

month and a half we’re only

six days into this month but over the

past month and six days it’s up 25 guys

25 and that’s because it’s down here

touching this uh try Trend support

as well as a lot of major other major

Market indexes in Europe so definitely

want to keep your eye on have on your

watch list pretty sure that’s everything

we need to say about Poland my name’s

Ethan make sure to check out my website from there you can find

links to all my various socials we are

currently live on YouTube twitch and so if you go to my website

right on the front page you will see my

face I’m there there’s also a chat box

so you can chat

awesome let’s go into the next symbol

we’re actually going to do something a

little different we’re actually going to

do something a little different we’re

done with all the trade Recaps and we’re

gonna be going into the new stuff right

where can you be putting your money

today to be making money tomorrow we’re

getting there


On our site we have integrated a page featuring interactive charts that you can use for free and without an account by visiting this link:

That Time We Shorted (EPOL) iShares Trust Poland ETF - Technical Analysis, Trade Recap!

(EPOL) aims to capture the concentrated nature of the Polish equity market as it tracks a broad index that selects and weights its constituents by market-cap. This ETF offers exposure to Polish equity markets, allowing investors to tap into a potentially promising emerging market in Eastern Europe.

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