That Time We Shorted (EWY, KSI, Kospi) iShares MSCI South Korea ETF - Trade Recap!!

KOSPI stands for the Korea Composite Stock Price Index. It’s market cap weighted, which means that firms with the largest market value have the greatest influence on price movements. The most well-known KOSPI index is the KOSPI 200, which is the 200 largest publicly-traded companies on the Korean Exchange.

A Brief History of South Korea

South Korea is a country located in East Asia, with a population of over 51 million people. It is known for its rich culture and history, advanced technology, and beautiful landscapes, which have attracted travelers and tourists from around the world.

The history of South Korea can be traced back to the Three Kingdoms period, which began in the 1st century AD and lasted until the 7th century. During this time, the Korean peninsula was divided into three kingdoms: Silla, Baekje, and Goguryeo.

In the 9th century, the kingdom of Silla united the Korean peninsula, and the country entered a period of relative peace and stability. This period, known as the Unified Silla period, was marked by the growth of Buddhism and the development of a strong and centralized state.

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In the 13th and 14th centuries, the country was invaded and conquered by the Mongol Empire, and was ruled by the Mongols for nearly 100 years. This period of foreign rule had a profound impact on Korean society, and laid the foundations for many of the country’s modern institutions and cultural traditions.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, Korea was colonized by Japan, and underwent a period of rapid modernization and industrialization. After World War II, the country was divided into North and South Korea, and the two sides were involved in a bitter and bloody conflict that lasted for three years.

Since the end of the Korean War in 1953, South Korea has undergone a remarkable transformation. The country has become a democratic, industrial, and technological powerhouse, and is now one of the most advanced and prosperous nations in the world. Despite its many challenges, South Korea remains a vibrant and dynamic country, with a rich culture and a bright future.

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just was going through i’m trying to

keep this as dense as possible

it’s a four minute video


we’re not just looking at ksi which is

the us derivative there is also the

actual foreign

index the cosby the cosby yeah i know

it’s a little sus anyways

we recognize the overbought nature

there’s a bit of a price channel here

but you i think the chart will show it


there were that there was even more

reason to think that this one was just

super overextended

filmed july 27 2021

this index

and uh ksi derivative


this is representative of south korea so

all the underlyings in this end index


associated with south korea as a whole

it’s not one company

it’s not

it’s not one of anything it’s very

representative of a large basket of

assets right

and when you see this

overbought nature in the index

it can be trouble for the underlyings


so at the time of making this video make

sure to go

check out my latest video

the cosby was at ah that’s not gonna

work very well

are you guys good with your currency


3231 kr um

i know what we’ll do for that though but

just look at the pattern and then we’ll

look at the

ksi boom right there right here you see

it it’s right under damn that’s not



yeah ewy

oh well

this is ewy this is a us derivative ew

it’s almost like they made these indexes

for me it’s crazy

this is where we made the video

july 2021 what happened it was at a

price point 90 moved all the way down to


it’s like 40 percent in a major market

index look

look at the blue line guys

you’ve seen this pattern time and time

again you know it’s one thing when i

show you one company exhib is exhibiting

a singular pattern it’s like oh look at

these indicators but

i’m showing you

major market index after major market

index after major mark index japan korea

vanguard vea v eu

look at this

it’s the exact same this is not a

coincidence across all these symbols the

vea we were saying consists of assets

from all around the world

why the patterns extremely similar if

you are in tune and enough to see that

every single one of these was over



this isn’t an accident this isn’t a

coincidence that’s terrifying right you

should be using that as a signal not to

be purchasing and times like

past six months a year


i’ll pull up uh ewy just so you guys can

see not using the cosby index

boom could not have been more perfect



july july

of july the act the breakthrough that

weekly 20

the same month we were there making the

video commenting

south korea

we looked at the cosby which is the

underlying for this u.s derivative and

then the cosby has underlyings

consisting of the companies

and goes back to what we were saying

earlier this wasn’t even tough to like

stick to this plan you could have slept

in in the morning you could have

purchased the short one year ago in july

and literally slept in every day for the

past year and your money would have been

working for you you wouldn’t have to

wake up you wouldn’t have to be like oh

my god i hope

weber’s up tomorrow i hope wolf

you know my weekly contract expires in

four days so i need to make sure i’m

staring at it and you know as soon as

i’m in the money i gotta take it no dude


that’s a lot of headache that’s a lot of


[ __ ] all that stop



as we were saying with the ewj right

we played this on the way up i had

shares of this on the way up


from here to here we literally had

shares in this

that helps with leverage right so

let’s explain leverage for a second

and pressures buy and sell pressures

we’re at the bottom we’re buying shares

we’re loading up super cheap we’re

getting more shares than anyone for the

best value than anyone uh allowing us to

get as like you know as many shares as

as we want we ride it all the way up to

the top because we were able to get in

at the super low price point we have


inventory than everyone we hit the top

right we’re at the top to look at the

price channel red red yellow yellow

yellow green buy red cell

we’re at the top

what do we do

first off we start right here we start

unloading the shares

this provides

you cannot unload shares that you do not


okay you have to own the share for you

to be able to put it on the market to

sell right

so we’re right here boom selling shares

provides downward pressure starts

pushing down boom boom boom

everyone who is following the trade that

they’re like wait a minute um he he’s

been in six months he he’s up fat on

this position he’s getting out for some

reason i don’t want to be there

right here flagging flagging second head

boom what are we doing we are now

scaling into shorts right

we are now selling shares that we don’t

own we are borrowing providing more

downward pressure why because you know

we intend to capitalize on those in the

future as it moves down right so you’re

then moving in into your shorts one two

double top right you sold your shares

now we’re starting to scale into the

shorts providing more downward pressure

this is two


two pushes down from one trader right or

one group of traders

and then boom we break we break through

that weekly 20 and it’s been smooth

sailing you cannot ask for more of a

direct route like even here and we’ll

use 2018 for an example

massive push down actually quite nice

but then consolidate consolidate

consolidate consolidate touch that 20

ema resistance look look

the same resistances were used

and then boom massive push down like

right here we use right here is

as an example this is where somebody

might be like

oh for the past uh

three months this symbol has been kind

of dead cat bouncing a little bit i’m

getting a little nervous

you know i’m struggling to have my

commitment issues i don’t have much uh

determination or dedication

insert one of those d words here um

you know you might get a little cold

feet cold um

you know it might be hard but

that didn’t happen over the past six

months that didn’t happen like it could

not have been more of a direct route it

could not have been more smooth sailing

you could have slept in

you guys could have slept in


it just couldn’t have been more perfect

look at the support look at the support

let’s go back

got our 180 right in there 180 boom

i mean it couldn’t be more perfect

really couldn’t


again if it was just one company

displaying these patterns sure okay dude

but when you see all these things right

next to each other back to back hit

after hit after hit after hit you can

call that anything but luck anything but

luck anything but look that is literally

talent that is literally wisdom being

portrayed in real time

um like these things do not happen by

accident these markets are not random

it’s gotta learn


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That Time We Shorted (EWY, KSI, Kospi) iShares MSCI South Korea ETF - Trade Recap!!

KOSPI stands for the Korea Composite Stock Price Index. It’s market cap weighted, which means that firms with the largest market value have the greatest influence on price movements. The most well-known KOSPI index is the KOSPI 200, which is the 200 largest publicly-traded companies on the Korean Exchange.

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