The Tremendous History of (SAP) SAP SE

SAP SE is a multinational software company that specialized in enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. Founded in 1972 in Germany, SAP has become a global leader in the software industry, with customers in over 180 countries.

The Tremendous History of (SAP) SAP SE

SAP SE is a multinational software company that specialized in enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. Founded in 1972 in Germany, SAP has become a global leader in the software industry, with customers in over 180 countries.

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The company was founded by five former IBM employees who saw an opportunity to create software that would help businesses automate their operations and improve efficiency. They named the company SAP, which stands for “Systeme, Anwendungen, Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung,” or “Systems, Applications, Products in Data Processing.”

In the 1980s and 1990s, SAP’s software became increasingly popular as more and more businesses adopted computer systems to manage their operations. The company’s flagship product, SAP R/3, was released in 1992 and quickly became the standard for enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. SAP R/3 was designed to integrate all of a business’s key operations, including finance, human resources, and supply chain management, into a single system.

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In the early 2000s, SAP expanded its product line to include customer relationship management (CRM) software and other business applications. The company also began to focus on the emerging market for cloud-based software, which allows users to access software and data over the internet rather than installing it on their own computers.

In 2007, SAP announced its acquisition of Business Objects, a leading provider of business intelligence software. The acquisition allowed SAP to further expand its portfolio and offer a complete range of software solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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In recent years, SAP has faced increased competition from other software companies and has struggled with declining profits. However, the company remains a major player in the industry and continues to innovate and adapt to changing market conditions. SAP has also made a commitment to sustainability, with a goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

As the software industry continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how SAP adapts and remains a leader in the field. With a long history of innovation and a commitment to customer satisfaction and sustainability, the company is well-positioned to continue its success into the future.

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all right so
the next company we’re gonna we’re gonna
be covering
is sap
sap se as you can see here we again we
were talking around the discord july
15th july 15th we’re just going in
chronological order guys you just saw us
cover tiva pcg ibm if you would have
been in the discord to the same order
that they would have been provided to
and as you can see here
we are looking at zap now what is
interesting about this company again
this is not the first time we have uh
invested in this company a very great
company um
one of the things that have drawn our
attention to it recently is the rsi look
at that it’s basically touching the
oversold territory makes it a very good
buy opportunity macd oversold very good
buy opportunity uh sentiment very very
low this is great we love to see this
you want to be getting in before the
hype before the headlines before the
product releases right you want to be
getting in at ground for ground floor
you don’t want to be getting in like by
the time you’re reading a cnbc article
about some sort of acquisition right you
want to get in before that cnbc article
goes live right okay so as you can see
we were talking about it in discord
what else do we like about this company
again this company ever since its
initial ipo has shown nothing but
strength and growth over long periods of
time right that’s over 25 years of
consistent growth no depreciation no uh
signs of decay very solid now
another thing we like about this company
is is its dividend it offers a 1.72
dividend that’s just under that u.s
national average of two to three percent
right but it’s better than zero but way
better than zero we like to see that
that’s very good that’s more than like
your average index might offer um by
pretty good margin
uh what else do we like um as you can
we zoom in here always make sure we are
looking at our time frames we are
looking at a monthly time frame right
now so each candle represents a month
you need to be looking at this so you
can understand the general time it might
take for one of these runs look at the
bottom here
right down here
for some of these runs to actually
happen right right okay
these things don’t happen overnight they
don’t happen in a week they don’t even
happen in a month but you know if you
give them their respective times it
you can oftentimes see very good returns
with uh minimal management
right now
again we’re on the monthly if you look
here we got this blue line which
represents the monthly 180 moving
average again this is a consistent set
of indicators that we consistently plot
apply to every company
that we look at right very objective i’m
not telling you about my opinion of the
product i’m not saying oh i like the new
game they released i’m not saying uh
pokemon cards are awesome and you all
should all like pokemon cards too that’s
not what i’m saying we are purely
looking at technicals here very little
room for opinion and bias
so again
we’re looking at this blue line the
monthly 180 as you can see it has
bounced off this before and since and
from that bounce it proceeded to run
over 400 percent again some some peaks
and valleys here that could have been
played but
if you were just looking at that the
monthly 180 it has grown
ran over 400 since the last time it has
touched that right
currently today’s price today’s
yesterday’s price is not today’s price
as you can see we have this
monthly 180 moving average and it is
sitting on there it is beautifully
sitting there flagging a little bit
again we talked about it in discord it
15th right
that would have been right in this
candle boom right here
from there proceeded to run as much as
it’s still flagging give it time like
this is a great opportunity for you guys
to be getting in right now guys right
you need to act quit like i don’t like
saying that but you guys actually need
to a lot of things we’re gonna be
covering today you guys actually need to
like consider
do you want to be placing trades on this
stuff or not because the opportunity is
presenting itself right now
the markets have come to a low point
over the past six months that allow us
to get into all these blue chip
companies these great companies um
sap even has a deal with a major tech
company i forget if it was google or
amazon but
allows you to get into these great
companies for a amazing value and as the
market rebounds right as the market
rebounds you can expect to see
these companies rebound just as much if
not way more guys right way more because
when an index moves a little it can
result and its underlyings moving a lot
so we want to be scaling in to all of
these competitively priced companies
i love the pattern on this company again
we have invested in them before when did
we do that it was right here off this
trend support boom it grew 43 we
told you guys in the discord okay we’re
getting out right here boom this is
what’s happened let’s see if i can pull
that up for you guys
the 20th january february
january february march april april 20th
sap sold 138
boomer right up in there
right here boom on that green candle uh
average cost 122. not bad some light
but we do like this company it is a
company we have traded for and as you
can see that was not edited at all it
would say edited right it’s not
set great company i expect to see great
things from them now what’s our current
projection again these things will not
take a day they won’t even take a week
they’ll probably take longer than a
month right
as long as the current trends continue
we’re expecting as much as a 200
a 183 gain putting the price point at
roughly uh
241 241
current price point for sap it’s a
it’s phenomenal again
this is something that you would want to
buy sooner rather than later right and
just hold that’s all you would need to
do you don’t need to worry about logging
waking up early every day to see whether
or not your position’s up or down you
can get out nope it’s a very great
long-term investment you could add it to
a roth ira you know a retirement fund
something like that very solid
let’s get into the next company how do
we feel i’m trying to keep these as
condensed as possible so we can cover as
much as possible there’s so many great
things to be talking about right now
if you guys are new here my name is
ethan make sure check my website from they can find links
to all my various socials we are
currently live on twitch and youtube
make sure to follow or subscribe if you
want to stay up to date with all the
latest information
also available on my website we have a
discord it’s completely free
always will be free so make sure to join
that it’s the best place to get a hold
of me i’m basically in there 24 7
every day during market hours so if you
ever have any questions ever curious
about a position i can help you there um
yeah let’s get into the next company

The Tremendous History of (SAP) SAP SE

SAP SE is a multinational software company that specialized in enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. Founded in 1972 in Germany, SAP has become a global leader in the software industry, with customers in over 180 countries.

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