That Time We Shorted (ROKU) Roku, Inc. - Live Technical Analysis, Trade Recap!!

A Roku is a device made by the company Roku (ROKU) that streams media (shows, movies, and even music) from the internet to your TV. It offers a practical and affordable way to add internet streaming or expand internet streaming options, to the TV and home theater viewing experience.

Roku is a popular streaming device that has been around for more than a decade. The company was founded in 2002 by Anthony Wood, who also invented the digital video recorder (DVR). Initially, Roku was focused on providing DVR technology, but it eventually shifted its focus to streaming.

The first Roku streaming device was released in 2008 and was called the Roku DVP (digital video player). It was a small, affordable device that allowed users to stream content from the internet to their television sets. The device was a hit, and Roku quickly released several more models, each with improved features and capabilities.

In 2011, Roku introduced the Roku 2, which was the first device to support 1080p HD video. This was a major step forward for the company and helped to solidify its position as a leading streaming device manufacturer.

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In 2013, Roku expanded into the international market and released the Roku 3, which was the first device to support voice search and motion control. This made it even easier for users to find and access their favorite content on Roku.

Since then, Roku has continued to innovate and release new products, including the Roku Streaming Stick and the Roku Ultra. The company has also partnered with a number of major streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, to offer their content on Roku devices.

Today, Roku is one of the most popular streaming devices on the market, with millions of users around the world. It has helped to revolutionize the way we watch television, and it continues to be a leader in the streaming industry.

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all right so the next symbol we are

going to be getting into again if you’re

in the Discord you already know so make

sure to go join that but what we’re

going to be getting into is

Roku we originally made this video on

Roku a very long time ago I believe it

was October 25th so basically exactly

one year ago today oh spoiler spoilers

spoilers oh crap okay so as you can see

Roku right here again if you go to my

YouTube channel

currently live there’s a search bar at

the top type in the name of the symbol

you are interested in boom you can see

every time we’ve made a video about that

symbol right

so I went through there found this video

Let’s see what I was saying about Roku

exactly one year ago today and how

that’s played out since right

we also have a special guest in this

video bull options Trader really cool

dude make sure you go check him out

and I’m gonna let this run for a little

bit see what we were saying and then uh


resume in a minute here


we also do have an unboxing and a little

funny how it just lines up also so

nicely so clearly so cleanly




some of those Trends they work in linear

but they don’t work in log

Enlighten us my friend Enlighten us tell

me how I can improve

I don’t know it’s just something you

have to experiment and see for yourself

a lot of times I find bottoms when

charting a log versus linear it’s just

hard to to get a to get a full story

when the stock goes you know straight

vertical it’s extremely hard to draw a

trend line but if you chart it on the

log chart it Smooths things out makes it

a lot easier to interpret


I think this is about good for Roku

would you say bull options Trader bull

option Trader if if there was one other

company you would you again we can go

forever doing this if what what’s the

next company you want me to try and

mark up a little bit like this

what company should I spend the next 10

15 minutes on uh I don’t want you to

chart any any chart like this for 10


so it’s what we do around here it’s our

specialty I know


yeah we get we hyper focus with the tent

uh with the technicals and when the

technicals present the opportunity

I think

more lines over complicates and causes

you to battle yourself because if you’re

fighting five trend lines which ones do

you fight against which ones do you go


it’s a lot easier if you pick the

resistance trend line pick the support

trend line and anything between there is

game and I’m the kind of person who

likes to think that

people want to always retest the lows

and retest the highs see it’s only it’s

only a matter of two things it’s going

upwards going down

yeah you got range patterns but I

wouldn’t want to buy range stocks anyway

I want to buy stocks that will move

you could say technically Roku is a

range stock right now but it’s a it’s a

it’s a big range so I’m okay with it

you know

um making a hundred bucks on a uh

make a hundred bucks on a 300 stock I

mean that’s still 30 percent

but I know that you are right I I do

kind of like it

um and we are probably over analyzing it

at this point


let’s go

all right so again we’re covering Roku

right we filmed this video up on October

25th 2021 that was almost exactly a year

ago guys now what was I pointing out I

was pointing out there was a double top

right make sure you go subscribe on

YouTube there’s a this quite clear

double top here right

uh we have these trend lines boom boom

we have the mildly descending price

Channel this is more so like a flag but

if you look at the flag right it’s

already kind of breaking out of that

flag we were recognizing these things we

we were looking at the profit margins

as you can see

they’re not necessarily profitable

negative more often than not if anything

they make like two to three percent

return kind of weak dividend no dividend

earnings they do beat earnings or at

least they were throughout this enormous

gain here right so where is Roku today

again it was

323.19 when we made the video anyone

want to take a guess where it’s at today


damn all right

so basically

made the video at 323 dollars was right

here in this pocket represented by this

candle right here what happened after

that it tanked direct path

direct path again we are looking at a

weekly chart that means every candle

here represents one week of time what

happened here what happened here look at

that guys it could not have been more

perfect it literally could not have been

more perfect guys look at the green

lines we had in the chart this chart has

not been updated since we made this

video originally because you don’t have

to guys you don’t have to you don’t have

to be waking up super early in the

morning nobody wants to be doing that

you know you make a plan and you stick

to it so these green lines right in

place there boom boom 57 57.

let’s zoom in here 57.63


it right now it is currently at

49.59 how big of a move is that that is

an 85 move to the downside over the past

year while the market was slumping

good thing we were prepared for it right

let’s look at those profit margins we

were talking about

we were saying um oops who we were


negative more often than not barely

profitable if ever they only got worse

since then negative 3.5

and q1 2022 they had a negative 3.59

profit margin in Q2 2022 they had a


14.69 profit margin and in Q3 2022 they

had a profit margin

negative 16.05 crazy uh no dividend no


earnings reports have been mixed but


doesn’t really mean too much

but that’s crazy guys look at that

made a full a full cycle here a full

cycle now where do we think this could

be going in the future right well based

on everything we just said with their

current financials

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend them

even at this reduced price point here

you could start to see a bit of a

support forming at that 29 price range

price range if I really wanted to get

into like the video streaming space

there are a lot of other competitors

that are doing way better that I can

recommend for example Netflix or Disney

those companies are extremely profitable

extremely household names yes this

company has been in trade since late


that is more than enough price history

for me to at least consider a company

like this here’s the monthly chart but

there are so many other players again

Netflix Disney that I would recommend

over a company like this that has a

negative profit margin no dividend

before I would be jumping into Roku do

you know anyone using a Roku I sure as

hell don’t


and that’s just that

just dinosaur remote what the hell

so that’s pretty much Roku

if you guys have any questions you can

always reach out to me in Discord again

my name is Ethan Wren make sure to check

out my website from there

you can find links to all my various

socials we are currently live on YouTube

Facebook or YouTube Twitter not Facebook

not we’re currently live on Twitch

YouTube and yeah that’s the

new one I was looking for we are live on

my own website so make sure to go check

that out right on the home page make

sure you go check that out and yeah

that’s Roku again

85 move to the downside that could have

been you had you watched the video again

available on YouTube

uploaded October 25th 2021 it was

streamed live too you could have been

there live

we’re gonna be moving into our next

symbol now so hang in tight

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That Time We Shorted (ROKU) Roku, Inc. - Live Technical Analysis, Trade Recap!!

A Roku is a device made by the company Roku (ROKU) that streams media (shows, movies, and even music) from the internet to your TV. It offers a practical and affordable way to add internet streaming or expand internet streaming options, to the TV and home theater viewing experience.

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