That Time We Shorted (FTSEMIB) FTSE MIB Index - Live Technical Analysis, Trade Recap!!

The FTSE MIB Index is the main reference point for the Italian stock markets. What does FTSE MIB stand for? Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE), Milano Indice di Borsa (MIB). FTSE is currently known as the FTSE Russell Group, a financial organization from Britain that provides index offerings for international financial markets.

The FTSEMIB is an index of the 40 most liquid and capitalized stocks listed on the Borsa Italiana, the Italian stock exchange. It is designed to measure the performance of the Italian stock market and is widely used as a benchmark for the Italian economy.

The index was first introduced in December 1999, with a base value of 1,000 points. In the early years of its existence, the FTSEMIB experienced steady growth, reaching a peak of over 28,000 points in 2007. However, the global financial crisis that began in 2008 had a major impact on the Italian stock market, and the FTSEMIB fell significantly, reaching a low of around 15,000 points in 2012.

Since then, the FTSEMIB has experienced a recovery, reaching a new all-time high of over 40,000 points in 2018. This growth has been fueled in part by the Italian government’s efforts to stimulate the economy and improve the country’s financial stability.

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Despite this growth, the FTSEMIB and the Italian stock market as a whole have faced challenges in recent years. The ongoing sovereign debt crisis in Europe has had a negative impact on the Italian economy, and the country’s political instability has also been a cause for concern among investors. In addition, the ongoing trade tensions between the United States and China have contributed to market volatility and uncertainty.

Despite these challenges, the FTSEMIB remains an important measure of the performance of the Italian stock market and the overall health of the Italian economy. It is closely watched by investors, analysts, and policymakers, and is a key indicator of the country’s economic prospects.

Overall, the history of the FTSEMIB reflects the ups and downs of the Italian economy and the global financial markets. Despite the challenges it has faced, the index remains a key measure of the health of the Italian stock market and a valuable tool for those looking to understand the country’s economic performance.

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the next symbol we’re going to be

getting into is

f-t-s-e-m-i-b this is a major market

index representing Assets in the

European region as you can see we were

talking about it in the Discord uh so

let’s quickly skim through here get an

idea of what we were saying roughly

uh a year and three months ago this was

filmed July 27 2021 right so make sure

to go check that out

what was I wearing

thank you








all right so again this is the

ftse-m-i-b right so this is a major

market index this ain’t no penny stocks

ain’t no lightweight stuff it’s actually

probably some of the biggest stuff you

could be trading right

um let’s go see how this trade played

out over the past couple months again

this video is available on YouTube make

sure to go check it out is uploaded on

July 27 2021 we were talking on the

Discord make sure you join the Discord

if you haven’t already you can do so by

joining or visiting it’s

right there on the home page

um let’s move this over

let’s move this over that does not need

to be there

so here we are on the

ftse-m-i-b so when we last made that


let’s make sure I’m using the same


it was at


25086 right up in here

since then this company has seen a heavy


coinciding with uh pullbacks that have

been happening throughout Major Market

indexes globally right so

that resulted in about 26 percent move

to the downside over the past year very

successfully you got to keep in mind

these are Major Market indexes this one

representing the European region it’s

not necessarily uh a company like Dash

that we just covered that’s going to

move like 70 80 90 right 20 in a major

market index is huge it’s huge when an

index moves a little its underlyings can

move a lot right and it’s identifying

these things before they happen that we

strive so hard to do here that’s the

name of the game right

um You Want To Be

proactive not reactive you don’t want to

be finding out that things are about to

take a turn for the worst once it’s

already at the bottom right you know

as you can see it started to develop a

bit of a support here we got a double

bottom and then from there it proceeded

to jump up through the again weekly

always make sure you’re looking at these

time frames represented by the letter up

here next to the symbol this is a w so

it stands for weekly each candle is one

week of time so on the weekly it’s

crossed over the 20 it’s crossed over

the 180 and it just broke higher than

the high that it made in August 2020. so

this is showing that it has found a

support it’s again representative of the

European regions as you can see there’s

quite clear price channel here but the

green lines representing the support red

lines representing the resistance very

easy Trend to play

as you can see

this also kind of coincides with a lot

of other major Market indexes coming out

of Europe such as the decks such as uh

the U.S derivatives like ve uh AVU stuff

like that the global stuff


and again over the past six months that

trade has kind of played out perfectly

right if we look at

the video right here and now it’s down

but it’s recognizing these times as an

opportunity to then be scaling back in

and enjoy the growth from again the

support here up to what we’re currently

projecting is just under 30k that’s

about a 45 percent gain in a major

market index that is huge guys that is


something to keep in mind

I’m pretty sure that’s everything for f

t s e m i b

the chances are that a lot of you don’t

have access to

this index directly through your

brokerage so you would have to use a

derivative there are a couple

derivatives that you could use let’s see

if I can quickly

so for example if you wanted to gain

access to the your this type of trade

through your brokerage let’s say your

brokerage only offers us derivatives the

symbol vgk is the Vanguard ftse European

ETF and it tracks very similarly so

that’s definitely one you might want to

look into and it might be easy to get a

hold of there’s also a pretty solid

dividend on that derivative so I highly

recommend it it is something to look

into but just wanted to recap this trade

over the past year to show how it’s gone

why we took the stance we did a year ago

and why we’re taking the stance we’re

taking today as you can see the RSI is

at the bottom that’s typically a bullish

symbol last time the RSI was at the

bottom was after

20 it was April 2020 since then it

proceeded to grow 94 the time before

that that the RSI was at the bottom

February 2016 from there proceeded to

grow 60 so these are cycles that happen

all the time guys all the time so

definitely take advantage of this

opportunity and consider scaling into

some European assets

if you guys are new here my name is

Ethan make sure you check my website from there you can find

links to all my various socials we are

currently live on YouTube twitch and yes that website right

there on the home page go check it out

it’s pretty cool uh we’re gonna move

into our next symbol here quickly

quickly where we’re going to keep them


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That Time We Shorted (FTSEMIB) FTSE MIB Index - Live Technical Analysis, Trade Recap!!

The FTSE MIB Index is the main reference point for the Italian stock markets. What does FTSE MIB stand for? Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE), Milano Indice di Borsa (MIB). FTSE is currently known as the FTSE Russell Group, a financial organization from Britain that provides index offerings for international financial markets.

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