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FedEx Corporation, formerly Federal Express Corporation and later (FDX) Corporation, is an American multinational conglomerate holding company focused on transportation, e-commerce and business services based in Memphis, Tennessee. The name “FedEx” is a syllabic abbreviation of the name of the company’s original air division, Federal Express, which was used from 1973 until 2000.

A Brief History of FedEx

FedEx is an American multinational courier delivery services company based in Memphis, Tennessee. It was founded in 1971 by Fredrick W. Smith, who realized that there was a need for a reliable and efficient way to transport packages across long distances.

The company began operations with a fleet of 14 small planes, and quickly expanded to include ground transportation and international shipping services. In 1973, FedEx introduced its signature service, overnight delivery, which revolutionized the way packages were transported and delivered.

In the 1980s, FedEx continued to grow and expand its operations, introducing new services and acquiring other companies. In 1984, the company introduced the first electronic airbill, which allowed customers to track their packages and make shipping arrangements online.

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In the 1990s, FedEx faced increased competition from other courier companies, and began to focus on improving its customer service and expanding its global reach. In 1994, the company introduced FedEx Ground, which provided affordable ground transportation for packages within the United States.

Today, FedEx is one of the largest courier delivery services companies in the world, with a global network of operations and a diverse range of services. It continues to innovate and improve its services, and is widely recognized for its reliability and efficiency.

In conclusion, the history of FedEx is a story of innovation and growth. From its humble beginnings as a small courier company, FedEx has become a global leader in the delivery industry, thanks to its commitment to providing reliable and efficient service.

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about bigger time frame stuff stuff in here might be

a lot of the stuff that goes into the stockpot channel also ends up in here

but I try to paint a bigger picture up in here so if you’re a long-term

investor this is a great channel for you you I you can see like before and afters so let’s cover one for example

here’s a I posted this 9 16 20 22.

this is not when I uploaded the video but this is when I posted all of this information so part one let’s see what I

was talking about here let’s let’s take a quick look at what I was talking about

hmm [Music]

it’s all on gas U.S exploration and production they’re in the same group

you know something to be said right now

is that d-e-n David Echo Nancy it’s actually a really

great video and I had two guests in here I really should hit up stock market a plan plan one day I saw he was streaming

a few hours ago if he’s alive right now make sure to go check him out uh on Twitch stock market plan again he was

live just at five o’clock before I started this is what happened we should definitely do something moving Unison

right and groups start to move in unison I mean this has been going on with the energy detector for

a good part of not going on four weeks now a little bit of the same with financials it’s

happening a little bit uh where you know they get on their legs man they just keep going

and even Rusty boats Rising high tide interesting

um okay everything has its Cycles we we recognize this uh

let me just read share real quick I I I want to look into this company a little

bit more there was one gentleman who asked about FDX make sure he gets uh to see what he

wanted to see and then yeah yeah yeah yeah for sure I just wanted to show you what

I look at I look at groups that’s all it’s amazing oh it’s fine whatever you

guys can the main point I’m trying I was trying to make earlier let’s see here

name points trying to make earlier so I don’t really care what you guys say here you can say

whatever you want you’re all adults um you guys are fine

you can tell me about whatever Investments you want tell me how your day is going and tell me I look weird I

don’t know it’s fine

you don’t look weird Dude Perfect break my bones my name will never hurt me

um so let’s look at let’s look at at he said FDX

hmm wait a minute we’ve looked at this at some point

FedEx oh FedEx how do we not know this one how do we not know that oh of course

FedEx or reliable how’s it doing relative to UPS

uh don’t look tell me is UPS doing better or worse

uh look exactly the same they look exactly the same okay because I I probably I’m leaning on probably okay

okay because I know UPS had been on a tear for a moment but you know the the faster they rise The Harder They Fall

Guys if you’re in chat and you’re not following right now what are you doing make sure you’re following to stay up to date we have a ton of highlights that

already released regularly we stream every week make sure you’re following you don’t want to miss out

um so this is an interesting sell-off here hmm the question is does it break the

monthly 20 moving average if it did it would make a very nice entry at that

140. I would happily put a bit in for

man said 140 man said 140. where is it today spoilers I know I know

what a coincidence let’s keep watching

we are investigating that right now make sure to stick around we are investigating where the future of FedEx

right now uh I’ll have you an answer for you here real soon

to ATL ant


beautiful beautiful


yeah we can look at lmfa for sure imagine we will definitely do that

just make sure to stick around we also have this package that we’re going to open at some point mystery package what do you guys thinking is inside

people will strap earnings do you know what strapping is

do what strap earnings what do you mean by that before earnings like a few days before

or this videos this video is about 40 minutes long so

I’m trying to you know walk us through it relatively quickly they’ll buy a put and a call

and then okay all they’re looking for is basically the implied volatility to

Skyrocket when the earnings yeah goes off yeah that a lot of people do that more the momentum side you don’t hear me

talk about things like that too much I I know what I know and I know what I don’t know and I know how to work within my me

within my skill within my bounds um but yeah a lot of people will buy

both the call and the put and then once the earnings go live the implied volatility skyrockets which causes the

price to go in One Direction and then you either have an automatic sell order

once it hits a certain threshold or whatever and then you’re stuck holding

the other half of the trade so in that exact scenario which would basically be

describing would be someone who had a bolt the call and a put it went up with

the implied volatility and all the attention it was getting they probably hit

the cell on the call the column would have been up money so

that they started cashing out into all the volatility all the volume you would need a volume to move these contracts

right so now you’re only holding a put and then it comes right back down as after unloading the calls it comes right

back down and now you’re unloading your put and then it Stables out and then it’s almost like it never even happened

because it ends up in the same time yeah but uh it’s the economic activity it’s

the fact that there was a transaction at these two points the lower point the higher Point somebody

there were there was intrinsic and extrinsic value exchanged um

that would be my very abstract way and contract-induced way of explaining the

Facebook move you’re talking about over it for you this uh is an example we are

also in Discord right now if you guys would like to join the public Discord it’s completely free and always will be free guaranteed

um yeah so make sure to join

hey Ferber welcome back to stream


foreign man pretty close to that all-time high fervor is a regular of the stream uh

he’s a crypto Enthusiast and he he he could sell you just about anything

right Ferber actually not all-time high what am I

talking about

[Music] foreign [Music]

so I got a Colombian friend right yeah maybe um

he goes back and forth you know states and yeah he’s got like a chicken farm down there but anyways a massive massive

chicken farm but he um he’s saying now that the narcos have

actually traded narcotics for Bitcoin they’re actually

mining Bitcoin like crazy in South America as we speak so they’re ditching the

um illegal activity for more of a somewhat legal so yeah they’re getting into crypto big

time man the knuckles are they’re putting some [ __ ] out there that it ain’t worth the damn paper that it’s

written on it’s great people are buying it because it’s such a crypto craze man

I was like you’ve got to be kidding me he’s like nope I kid you not man they’re you’re not crazy yeah yeah and they’re

hitting it big time man they’re they’re like just mining stuff I was trying to

get some I mean you know so Bingo Banger

never fail me wrong preach preach

that was perfect man you’re on a roll that was great um

well it’s just it’s just true I mean that’s that’s you know in 2000 look I

got licensed in 1999 then the technology bubble did and the things that you saw anything

that had to it I mean you could I remember JDS for University

Sienna networks freaking all these freaking stocks right that and some of them didn’t even have any earnings at

all someone had negative earnings you could have opened up a lemonade stand in the street corner and be more more Prof in these companies but it didn’t matter

because it got into a place just like this with Bitcoin because it was new was new right just like Bitcoin

is today and they started to freaking just buy the stuff up you could buy like some power for instance I can just pick

up any of them you could buy like a 9 30 in the morning and by freaking before lunchtime you were up literally 40 and

it was like that across the board it was not an unforeseen thing it wasn’t

an awful same thing I mean this is what happened you know and that’s that’s you know then

it comes to then you fast forward to 2008 real estate it’s now that’s the new Hot Topic right

and that’s where the most risk is you know that’s when you start getting funkles like I was a financial advisor back then that’s when you start getting

phone calls like hey um you know so and so got a condo over at the beach and

they bought it for you know 90 000 and they sold it in 90 days for 120 or 150

you know I want to do the same thing right sell out my IBM out of my IRA and let’s let’s get some condos so this is

the kind of thing that happens man I mean and and it’s it’s just happens all

the time um you know happen with gold I never seen so many jewelry stores turn freaking gold Commodities Brokers right

like all the jewelry stores turn into gold Commodities broker during the gold thing right and it’s just like now

they’re out of business they’re gone

so you know it’s it’s I’m not staying again I’m not saying

crypto goes down or it goes up I’m just saying you know that is about as risky right

now as you can get and you know guys are calling me all the time why should I do should I invest in crypto I was like

look let me put it to you this way do you know when you go to Vegas what do you do when you go to Vegas you bring 2

000 Cash 1 000 cash 500 cash you go out there and you know you set your mind up

that you say I’m not coming back with this money right I’m not coming back with this money okay what I call this Vegas money

I mean if you have 500 or a thousand dollars to put in put it in you ain’t got nothing to lose put it in

it might turn into something great it might not but you got to be ready to lose the whole thing right and not be

mad about it right just put it in I don’t have a problem with that I just hate people that give up these false

pretenses of like this will never go down when you start hearing stuff like that that’s what worries me because a

lot of people will get hurt you know a lot of people will get hurt

everything you just said and I would be very much inclined to hear you listen to

to be able to listen to you talk more about it that was fantastic the way you were talking about real estate where

you’re talking about the 2008 financial crisis I didn’t even know you were licensed I lived it all right I lived it

all uh I was an equities Trader I was a bond Trader that was a margin Clerk

so we’re casually making our way through this video I’m I’m trying to give it some time to show you guys how the chart

was developed mainly the main thing I want you guys to be focusing on is the technicals that I was putting in place

about when was this video made let’s take a quick look the video was made from a

live stream on October 25th 2021 literally

literally when the market was at its peak we were trying to explain to you that everything was oversold the rsis

were in that overbought territory and as you’re gonna see with this chart

um it it printed beautifully I want you to explain I want you to see the technicals we’re going to show you the

before and then we’re going to show you where they are at currently on top of that there is kind of some interesting

conversation that happens in this video that you guys have been listening to but

we’re almost to the point where I can move on to where we are now right it’s a crazy euphoric space uh and well it’s a

it’s a decentralized network I personally don’t want to bank watching every transaction

wait a minute wait a minute hold up hold up hold up hold up hold up hold up hold up wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait real-time monitors in the

Discord I’m going to the crypto section I’m gonna click on mem

look at the price of crypto in those charts a second ago relative to where it is now it’s crazy

somebody just sent ten thousand dollars somewhere uh we can click and investigate that exact Transaction what

wallet it went from and what wallet it went to um and we can see the fees and everything

it’s very uncongested right now kind of a good thing it means

transaction times will be quicker but people always say these cryptocurrencies are decentralized but

everything starts somewhere like the universe was created somewhere like we

have the Big Bang Theory yes but that’s kind of an incomplete answer like it

stems from somewhere all of this stuff is very visible via these uh various

tools and resources such as that allow you to see these transactions happening in real time

get it I mean but still my whole point is is that if you’re telling me this is

not the riskiest thing in the marketplace right now then you haven’t been around Mark the trend

and the trend has been what it is right I mean I mean it’s um but I mean certainly the

purple Arrow I just drew pay attention to the purple Arrow I just drew in this video that was again filmed October 25th

2021. look at the direction down to the support right that is happening

um that’s when it starts to get a little hairy and I start thinking about the

good old days of all that haven’t been very good all that not old at all

people use a verbiage like you know oh I’m you know I’m I’m caching this or I’m

selling this to buy Bitcoin and that is happening that is happening

um that’s when it starts to get a little hairy and I start thinking about the

good old days of all that haven’t been very good all that not old at all right 2008 was just yesterday right I mean and

you start hearing things like this in this over exuberance and then you start thinking you know hold on a second let’s

think rationally and put this thing where it belongs and the risk tolerance that it belongs then


guys if you haven’t already make sure you follow the stream uh we are

streaming on Twitch YouTube Twitter D live all simultaneously make

sure you are following if you want to stay up to date with all the latest information right now we are looking at FDX which is FedEx FedEx Corp was

recommended To Us by a member of the chat you can all do the same just recommend what it is the company that it

is you would like to see and we’d be more than happy to have it on screen we are also available in this free and

public Discord it will always forever be free make sure to follow guys make sure to follow

um and yes so here’s FedEx Corp FedEx Corp in 2017 reported a profit margin of

6.98 in 2018 they had a profit margin of 0.7 7 in 2019

they had a profit margin of 1.86 and in 2020 they had a profit margin of 6.23

percent so like a little bit of a scoop there a little bit I imagine this company probably would

have been beneficially impacted by covet as people were ordering more things online

um probably overworked to an extent um right now it’s very middle of the trend we we see this quite

clear line right here we see the the 20

monthly moving average I don’t know why it’s not showing it’s good is it because I clicked uh

the screen like that yeah FedEx Corp

it’s very middle of its range as you can see its current price is it’s sitting right at the monthly 20 moving average

if it went up that would be about 35 percent to the all-time high if it went down it would be exactly 35 to the 180

moving average very round number it’s very tangible not very very easy to uh

calculate in your head numbers it it’s like exactly in the middle like

uncoincidentally perfectly symmetrically in the middle um

now if we look at prior examples we have the reason this line here is yellow and

not red because it’s been used as a resistance twice prior three times prior four times prior so it pretty well known

that this is a resistance and this price action up here in the 280 to 320

that might be accounted for and then uh what’s it called um as we were saying

this is a company that was probably impacted positively by Corona so that would be an example of the extraordinary

the exception to the rule the outlier in a data set

um will it reach achieve those highs

[Music] I think if if I let me tell you what I

would do I’m not telling you where you should be I’m telling you what I would do if I were to be taking a position on

FDA um right here is your 180 monthly moving average as you see can see it’s been

used as a sport multiple times throughout history four distinctly that you can see right here I would put a bid

in around there at around 145 140. listen carefully boys the moment we’ve all been waiting for somewhere in that

range and wait for a fill and let the cycle carry out you know it’s get these things

move in a cycle right uh so just recognizing you have your supports down here the potential

resistance you nailed it Ethan you [ __ ] nailed it bro you [ __ ] nailed it look at that price point

[Music] and if you did get that 140

I said 145 . [Music]

that’ll be about 120 percent gain to all-time high which is way better than

the 30 from present to all-time high way better way way more opportunity way more

potential to be had thank you but yeah that’s FedEx basically earnings


I’m not going to move these lines and just you just wait for it in a a week or now you know I said go look at FedEx it

fell to its support um oh my gosh Denzel you’re still here I hope you appreciate the chart uh I did

the best of my knowledge to be honest and transparent as possible explain I’m not

gonna move these lines a month from now two months from now I’m gonna say go look at FedEx it fell to it

uh monthly 20 moving average and then it broke through through it kind of like spun there for a moment

um [Music] it’s also a quite clear flag in this

prior but and here we are boys we’ve we’ve gone

you saw the before video I’m telling I’m showing you the after where we are right now what I I told you I’m not gonna move

these lines we’re gonna come back and look at this and it’s gonna be at the support and that’s exactly what happened

guys and that’s what I’m trying to demonstrate here in this another entry we’re adding into our that time we

shorted uh playlist that we have available on YouTube for the long term this would be a pretty solid pick

um oh oh Messer you’re up next Mazer you’re

up next um [Music]

you’re up next

um Mazer said [Music] maze I’m probably mispronounced

all right guys so you all just uh we watched a video that we made on October

25th right it was October 25th 2021 when the market was at its peak we were pointing out all of these

things that were extremely overbought telling you guys back then was not the time to be buying right not only that

not only that I showed you guys this whole chart being made I showed you every line that went in place we had

some great conversations with our friend stock market plan and Bowl options Trader you know we had some great

conversations there but you guys got to see every line that

was put into place and what did we say at the end of this we said the support is that 145 dollar range right you want

to be at 145 that’s where that moving average is I even said take a look at

these lines now we’re gonna come back and we’re gonna look at this and the price of FDX is gonna be added support

of 145 and welp spoilers guys

this is the current chart for FDX this current chart this is a screenshot I took just to show you guys from the

video boom had the purple line the purple line the neck I had the negative

projection followed by the bullish projection as you can all see and here’s

the current price as we showed in this in the um the Discord make sure to join our Discord available at

you can easily tell when we were talking about the RSI the macd were overbought and descending into overs

oversold territory you know bearish indicators

now let’s take a closer look this is the price of s FDX FedEx Corporation today

this is the exact same chart that you guys just saw in the video the exact

same chart I have not updated this chart since then and I don’t need to I didn’t

need to at all at all it just printed it just printed look at this the purple line I showed I

told you guys pay attention look the purple line we drew that boom it could not have been more perfect where did we

say it was going to go one see this blue line that is your monthly 180 moving average right we said that’s

a support this is the same indicators that we apply to every company it is that we look at here we wouldn’t treat

this one any different the markets were super overbought a year ago which is

what we were telling you guys you don’t want to be placing trades back then but now now you might want to be placing

those trades right [Music] all right looking at FedEx the same

projection right we said we come down to 145 come all the way up it would be 120 gain why is it you would want to do that

because if you would have been placing your trade when we made the video you would have only you would have been risking

35 percent ate 38 percent to the downside for a potential of 35 percent

to the upside but by waiting like we explained in the video to now that not

only this company is at support but every major market index across the entire world is at its support right now

what a coincidence what a coincidence and now by waiting you could then take that money you would have put in that

trade buy it for 145 and get a potential of a hundred and twenty percent return

30 for risk risking 38 to make 30 or

waiting and investing now and getting up to a hundred and twenty percent with the same product that you were interested in

that’s what I really wanted to demonstrate with this video and this video will be a new entry into our that time we shorted playlist that is

available on my YouTube channel just go to my YouTube channel and then click playlist and you’ll be able to see a bunch of videos just like this with the

before and the after for everyone who feels like they need a video as proof that we’ve been there and do doing these

things for a very long time that’s the playlist for you so let’s look at FedEx where we are today right okay FedEx

current price 149. let’s look at some things I might find that you might find

interesting in this company first off you have the dividend yield three percent 3.08 to be exact that is exactly

that U.S national average for singular companies of three percent perfect um let’s look at their financials

we did just cover them in the video but 2017 they profit margin of 6.98 2018 the profit margin of 0.77 2019 then a profit

margin of 1.86 and 2020 at a profit margin of 6.23 and 2021 they had a profit margin of 4.08 now I just showed

you a plethora of companies that have double digit profit margins that are amazing and make sure to go watch those

highlights on my channel that being said the profit margins here are a little bit thinner but they are

profitable they are profit you can take that away from they are turning a profit and their revenue is growing over time

um which probably is a scale thing they’re probably getting more business over time driving that Revenue up but

they’re investing in more trucks and infrastructure to be able to support that makes sense makes a lot of sense

let’s look at the price Channel that I again Drew over a year ago and just has literally been playing itself right

resistance up here let’s start at the current it’s

currently the RSI is currently oversold close to the bottom end of the RSI that

30 and typically this is a bullish symbol this is what you want to see when you’re placing your trades right

um before you want to get in before it starts rebounding and riding up into that overbought territory and other

examples of this are May 2nd 2020 the RSI was super oversold

close to that 30 bottom end of the RSI what had proceeded to happen over that it ran

243 see I see how that works RSI super oversold after that runs up runs up

right another example of that 2009 RSI is super oversold touching that 30 the

bottom end of the RSI what happens after that it proceeds to run a 172 percent but it didn’t really stop

there it didn’t really stop there proceeded to run as much as 635 percent

you know stuck with it through these Peaks and valleys as you should right another example

we like companies with a lot of price history like this right RSI super oversold 1991 right 1991 RSI

super oversold bottom end of the RSI touching that 30 area

what proceeded to happen there ran all the way as much as 800 percent so as you can see

you might want to be buying a company like this when it’s RSI is super oversold what else can we say on the inverse of that RSI

here we are May 3rd 2021 RSI super overbought just to show it was close to

the top end of the RSI that 70 and what happens it proceeds to sell off as we

demonstrated in the video make sure you go watch the video same thing can be said and

December 1st 2017 RSI peeking out touching that 70 area proceeds to sell

off these very consistent set of indicators we apply to everything we look at what a coincidence that this one

played out flawlessly and is now at the support that we projected 145 using that

blue monthly 180 moving average as a support as it did right here

as it did right here monthly 180 moving average and bounces and continues to go

to the moon right we all love that

that’s FedEx guys um I have one more I want to show you guys

one more and it doesn’t until a 40 minute video that we have to skim

through if you guys are interested in learning more about that make sure to go watch the entire video we had great conversations again with our special

guest stock market plan and bull options Trader make sure to go check them out on Twitch as well time for the next symbol

if you guys are new here my name is Ethan make sure to check out my website for they can find links to all my various socials we’re currently

live on Twitch and YouTube so make sure to follow or subscribe if you’d like to be notified when I go live next and stay

up to date with all the latest information


On our site we have integrated a page featuring interactive charts that you can use for free and without an account by visiting this link:

That Time We Shorted (FDX) FedEx Corporation - Technical Analysis, Trade and Invest LIVE!

FedEx Corporation, formerly Federal Express Corporation and later (FDX) Corporation, is an American multinational conglomerate holding company focused on transportation, e-commerce and business services based in Memphis, Tennessee. The name “FedEx” is a syllabic abbreviation of the name of the company’s original air division, Federal Express, which was used from 1973 until 2000.

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