That Time We Shorted (FB, META) Facebook, Meta Platforms Inc - Analysis, Trade Recap!!

Facebook by Meta is now the biggest social networking platform worldwide, with more than 2.85 billion monthly active users globally, according to Statista. It was also the first social network to amass one billion registered accounts. Founder Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in 2004 while a student at Harvard,

A Brief History of Facebook - Meta

Facebook is an American online social media and social networking service based in Menlo Park, California. It was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, and Chris Hughes, who were students at Harvard University.

The company was initially launched as a platform for Harvard students to connect and share information, but it quickly gained popularity and expanded to other colleges and universities. In 2006, Facebook opened its platform to everyone over the age of 13, and the number of users continued to grow rapidly.

In 2007, Facebook introduced the concept of “news feed,” which allowed users to see updates from their friends and other users in real time. This feature proved to be very popular, and helped to make Facebook an essential part of many people’s daily lives.

In 2009, Facebook introduced new features, such as the ability to share videos and create events, and the option to “like” and comment on other users’ posts. These changes helped to make the platform more engaging and interactive, and contributed to its growing popularity.

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In 2012, Facebook went public and was listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange. The company continued to grow and expand, and by 2016, it had over 1.7 billion active users.

Despite its success, Facebook has faced criticism and controversy in recent years. The platform has been criticized for its handling of user data and privacy, and for its role in the spread of misinformation and fake news. In response, the company has implemented new policies and features to address these issues.

Overall, the history of Facebook is one of rapid growth and innovation. From its humble beginnings as a simple networking platform for college students, Facebook has become a global phenomenon, with a significant impact on society and the way we communicate.

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fantastic videos and uh

you can question my accuracy but

literally all of these highlights came

from the

same the same

stream the same vod these are all i’m

wearing the same clothes with the same

stuff on the shelf back to back to back

hit after hit only showing bangers guys

it’s like here’s a company here’s where

it’s going hit here’s the next company

here’s where it’s going hit here’s the

next company here’s where it’s going hit

shooting 100

30 for 30.

we were all so involved in that trade a

long time ago though you gotta look on


i comment about how it had the massive

20 sell off like it did up up top in the

more current day and then continued to

push down it didn’t just stop there and


spoiler where do we think that one went

there you can join my discord you can

also buy a shirt you can also check out

where are we today

so you know you’re always in the loop

with the latest information the most

up-to-date information make sure youtube

twitch reddit discord


instagram facebook if it even is still

up um




as you can see a big game has been

technology we’ve been talking about


also they had a symbol change from

facebook to meta

trying to hide their pass trying to

make it so when you look up meta you

can’t find all the lawsuits they’ve been

in and all the times that they were on

capitol hill basically anything re-brand


look at that on the internet

we were seeing pictures still the same

symbols same technicals same chart

same profit margins

down 57 percent

only someone would have warned him

yeah a lot happened today

even right now

it says the api connection of facebook


from facebook so maybe we’re live on

facebook maybe we’re not


looking at the fundamentals in 2017


had a

39.16 profit margin in 2018 they had a

39.6 percent profit margin in 2019

they had a

26.15 profit margin and in

2020 they had a 33.90

profit margin they’re currently value

valued at

919 billion dollars

the volume on the day was 42 million

their average volume is like 22 million

a lot of people panicking i guess they

tend to beat earnings

i feel like people are way too soft on

social media companies

i am not the biggest fan of social media

companies if you’ve been watching me for

a while you know i’m not a fan of

anything really social media related but

it is nice being able to

talk to people throughout the

communities and various i feel like uh

creators really

drive what happens in a social media



while facebook services may have been

down today

with instagram and whatsapp and all that

you could see the bearish

position on facebook has been happening

for about three to four weeks now as of

the time of recording this video like

this didn’t go from hunky dory to

all of a sudden you woke up and things

were bad this has been


turning downwards for a while now as you

can see the rsi is peeking out here um

that would never like to see that as a


as a bull you want to see your rsi

consistent very consistent


to be fair of the three facebook does

maintain profitability

and the others do not when the rsi is

touching the

top that’s typically a sell signal um

no dividend on any of them personally

i’m very against the ideals we like

hate dividends so more than anything in

the world guys more than anything i

hate the idea of that i

cookies internet cookies should not

exist all these

forms of

ways that facebook has to track their

users even when they’re not using

facebook like

like even off their platform

it’s not good

there’s so much location information so

many pictures so many files so many

multi-million dollar

trades being made

that information like that shouldn’t be

given to

any social media company we’re not just

talking about facebook like i feel like

it should almost be regulated in a sense

in america i know this is not the same

everywhere this is america

exclusive as far as i’m aware but we

have the right to privacy here right


what’s the difference between facebook

eavesdropping or

peering into someone’s house and

just some random person on the street

holding binoculars looking in my window

you know

what is the distinction here is it

because they’re an llc so if that person


standing on the public street with his

binoculars he had an llc he’d be

perfectly okay to do that no things like

that are illegal and they’re wrong right

and they’re wrong for a reason

why is it that these companies can turn

this right to privacy into

a business priest ethan preach


okay so where is facebook today as you

can see this video was filmed when it

was at the 326 price point if you’re in

the discord you would have been in even

sooner um

where are they today well as of three

weeks ago and they’re still at this

price point no

160 dollars

that is a differential of almost 200

per share absolutely massive absolutely

massive um god damn now

we’re gonna get into that later um

but look at that move what what

percentage move is that what what

percentage move is that let’s look at

them today

that is a

57.76 percent move to the downside

you could have been in that we made

money on that

you could have shorted that 200 per

share is no meager amount that’s huge

and once again it’s a pretty damn direct

path you couldn’t ask for much more of a

cleaner like a route down there you

couldn’t have asked for much cleaner um


it’s these big time frames you guys

really need to focus on if we were just

looking at this company like oh you’re


so and so you’re just you know

picking on that one company like you’re

just being a dick no

it’s when you see it

this pattern that i’m trying my best to

show you guys that was

signaling across

everything we’ve looked at today

all the social media companies same

pattern peak rsi

rsi peaking as you can see

every single one of them we have looked

at the major market indexes at the same

time japan korea the us

vanguard indexes they were all

displaying these heavy sell signals

simultaneously and they matter a lot

On our site we have integrated a page featuring interactive charts that you can use for free and without an account by visiting this link:

That Time We Shorted (FB, META) Facebook, Meta Platforms Inc - Analysis, Trade Recap!!

Facebook by Meta is now the biggest social networking platform worldwide, with more than 2.85 billion monthly active users globally, according to Statista. It was also the first social network to amass one billion registered accounts. Founder Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in 2004 while a student at Harvard,

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