That Time We Shorted (DASH) DoorDash, Inc. - Live Technical Analysis, Trade Recap!!

DoorDash, Inc. is an American company that operates an online food ordering and food delivery platform. The company is based in San Francisco, California. It went public in December 2020 on NYSE and trades under the symbol (DASH). With a 56% market share, DoorDash is the largest food delivery company in the United States.

A Brief History of DoorDash

DoorDash is an American food delivery company based in San Francisco, California. Founded in 2013, the company has quickly grown to become one of the largest food delivery services in the United States.

DoorDash was founded by four Stanford University students who saw an opportunity to use technology to improve the food delivery process. The company began by offering delivery services for local restaurants in the San Francisco area, and quickly expanded to other cities across the country.

In 2015, DoorDash raised $127 million in a series C funding round, which helped the company expand its services to more than 600 cities in the United States. The following year, DoorDash announced that it had raised an additional $110 million in a series D funding round, which allowed the company to further expand its operations.

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In 2017, DoorDash acquired Caviar, a high-end food delivery service, for $410 million. This acquisition helped the company expand its services to new markets and offer a wider range of food options to its customers.

Despite its rapid growth, DoorDash has faced criticism for its business practices, particularly its use of independent contractors to deliver food. In 2019, the company settled a class-action lawsuit for $5.7 million, which alleged that it had misclassified its workers as independent contractors instead of employees.

Despite these challenges, DoorDash continues to grow and expand its services. As of 2021, the company has over two million Dashers (delivery workers) and partners with over 390,000 restaurants in the United States and Canada. It is one of the leading food delivery companies in North America, and continues to innovate and improve its services.

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yeah today we’re going to be doing some

stock stream related things

we’re gonna go over a lot of symbols I

have so much to do so much to do I don’t

even know if we’ll even get to all of it

in one day but we’re gonna try our best

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a lot of great stuff happening over

there so go check that out


all right all right okay so today we’re

going to be starting with uh

some of the past tense content we make

we’re going to browse some of the trades

we’ve made over the past six to eight

months and see how they’ve played out

starting with doordash so let’s open up

this video here I’m not sure if you guys

knew if you actually go to my uh YouTube

page there there’s a search button at at

the top of the channel right so if you

type in your favorite symbol so let’s

say Dash

it’ll pull up every video we’ve made on

that specific symbol very easy very easy

to find so let’s start here

we’re going to Quick quickly like skim

through this video just so you can see

what I was saying six months ago as you

can see this video features some guests


so let’s see what they had to say then

then we’ll move into newer content

what does Reddit do

yeah what

do they do

um do you mean like as I’m old I’m old

I’m sorry I just I I don’t I don’t know

every single freaking social media thing

what does Reddit do are they a public


ACB we we actually talked about one

earlier in the Stream today

um and we referred to it in the Discord

earlier this week did I ever finish it

though I’m not exactly sure

ACB is a weed stock uh XXII is like a

biotech they can like change the

percentages uh that they can change XXII

HTC whatever the heck it is yeah

they can change the um

consumer products specialty

basically XXII they have like the

ability to change the nicotine levels

and tobacco and change like the THC

levels in marijuana more biotech it’s

not like they’re like gotcha uh I’m not

doing anything really related other than

lab stuff like back end it’s the

equivalent of like

back-end agricultural work

if you weren’t too related to like


yeah I’ve got some here married Med is

another one what does a married man do

that’s another uh one in that space

The Elves and owns manages production

and distribution of legal cannabis

products in the U.S

that’s merrymed



I think 76 pennies

wait mrnd what moderna or Michael oh no

no no Michael Roger Michael Roger

Michael David

mrmd Mary mad Inc

but I think it’s like

let me see something

that’s a penny stock

Grove is another one Grove

hardly a year old

okay so let’s make this quick

um again my name’s Ethan make sure to

visit my website from there

you can follow all my various social

media websites to stay up to date with

the latest info

um right now we’re looking at Dash this

is door Dash the app they are a

relatively new company ipoing

December year 2020 roughly that

territory so it’s hardly a year old

more often than not that would make me

that that that would turn me off from a

stock I would like

these uh companies that I invest in to

have more price history than what’s

being represented right here they’ve had

three earnings so far two of which they

have missed

um let’s go back to the daily chart keep

in mind our intervals guys always look

at the intervals because you know I

changed them sometimes so

right now you’re looking at a daily

interval and it does matter


as you can see there’s this horizontal

price Channel there’s a bit of a

downward trending price channel that led

into an upward trending price Channel

I don’t know if you could even call it a

flag it’s actually just a price like

horizontal price Channel if the trend

were to continue it would make sense uh

do we want to go from all-time high or

do we want to go from current we’ll go

from current it would make sense for

there to be a pullback of about 20 down

to the month

getting this the daily chart I need to

keep them up I like monthly and weekly

charts I like things with a lot of price

history denzo you want to do Costco we

can do that we can do that

um just make sure to stay tuned we also

have this package uh I somehow need to

fit that in this stream I I don’t know

when’s the most appropriate time


where was I with doordash let’s look at

their financials their for their income

statements in year 2018 they reported a


70.1 percent profit margin in 2019 they

reported a negative

75.37 profit margin and in 2020 they

reported a negative 15.97 profit margin



needs to be told that that’s not necess

not particularly hot uh dividend there

is no dividend valuation their current

market cap is 73.1

billion with a B guys that’s a lot

that’s really high again this company’s

been around for less than a year and

we we always come back to the same

talking point with IPOs right we feel

like the IPO game is very played out at

its current in its current state Wall

Street knows what they think they can

get for something before it even touches

the door

and they price it accordingly gone are

the days where IPOs would start at like

50 cents and see a steady growth over

time or like something small like a few

billion or

a couple million no they just come out

the gate Swinging with the 73 billion

price tag that’s more than Snapchat

that’s that’s like half of Google Guys

these people deliver [ __ ] food


their valuation is like literally

oh my God

remember guys this was filled up filmed

on October 25th October 25th keep that

in mind up here

I don’t think that did a good job of

illustrating what I’m trying to show


that’s really high as it was the main


um 73 billion it’s been out less than a

year it’s kind of destined to fail in

that front it’s not making a ton of

money so this money has to come from


I would so again this was filmed October

25th 2021 so about a year ago now about

a year ago

um keep in mind we like to do very big

picture things and as I was saying you

know we’re really consistent around here

the IPO game has really been dead it’s

been dead for a long time there no

matter how Blue Chip or how household of

a name a company is

if it’s ipoing you need at least like

three to four years of price history

before you can really get an idea of

what this company’s valuation truly is


again if you come back to my YouTube

channel I showed you guys there’s a

search bar at the top you can type in

whatever symbol you’re interested in

seeing and you can see all the videos

we’ve made containing that symbol right

so a week later after October 25th we

did another stream this one’s only five

minutes long

um and it’s also talking about doordash

so we had the the first video that we

made right the price point what was the

price point at it was 215.


I believe it was 215.

I don’t know why this taken so long to


yeah it was 216 when we made the first

video right

so a week later what happened to this


it’s amazing I’m streaming right now

with these internet speeds what’s


let’s quickly watch this video again

four minutes long and then we’ll get

into where is the company need to do



let me talk real quick let me talk real

quick this shit’s all fun and games man

we see someone or we hear someone we

guess they’re killed kit their kill and

then and then we go from there we have

fun with it

they always say I said Keo he’s like

he’s like these are pretty fun streams

as you can see we had quite a few people

in here

um let’s quickly look at the chart on

the side here right let’s quickly look

at the chart being presented so a week

prior again this video you’re currently

watching was made October 31st 2021 the

last one was October 25th a week later

when the first video was filmed it was

right up in this candle at that 215 216

price point and within a week it went

all the way down to 194. that is about

10 percent drop in a week on doordash

but this only really marks the beginning

it really shows that we were really at

the tippy top of this thing when it

started to tip over right so within a

week down 10 to 194.76 let’s let the

video play out today

you know what I’m saying so obviously

more experience blah blah you know what

I’m saying we pushing we pushing triple


got no problem

trying to go about him yeah


Vin Diesel


all right you know I got nothing to get

I got nothing against anybody here

they say no big dick they say no big

dick pissing contest who [ __ ] the most

girls [ __ ] that it’s it’s almost fun bro

sex right now dude

if I wanted to be that dude I’d be like

I [ __ ] the most girls in this whole

[ __ ] Discord

am I saying that no


I mean who did though

all right so as you can see this video

made one year ago

376 views there okay so where is this

company today you might be asking how

has this trade played out over the past

year sure it made 10 within the first

week but we really try to think big

picture here especially on a company

with not likes doordash that did not

have much price history and we were

looking at smaller time frames let’s see

how it played out over the past year


again we were talking about this in the

Discord if you are not already make sure

to join the Discord you can do so at so make sure you go do



so here is the current state of doordash

we are currently looking at a weekly

chart as you can see up here by the time

frame this W represents a weekly chart

each candle is one week when we first

made the videos October 25th boom right

here in this candle right here what

happened after that it dropped 10

percent in that one week boom it touched

Right Here Right Touch the uh weekly 20

acted as a tiny bit of support but

really more of a false breakout if if

anything saw a little bit of resistance

since then this company is down

current is 77.56 percent the lowest

point was 81 over the past year right so

if you had been watching the videos if

you had been seeing what we were saying

about doordash you would have known they

are not profitable let’s look at their

financials Q3 2021 negative 7.92 profit

margin Q4 of 2021 negative 11.92 profit


q1 of 2022 negative 11.47 profit margin

Q2 of 2022 negative 16.36 profit margin

and then Q3 just getting worse negative

17.34 profit margin as you can see uh by

these red e’s at the bottom right these

are earnings they’ve missed every single

earnings in between when we first made

that video and where we are today right


very successful trade if you were

playing it short right uh a lot of

markets globally have seen a huge

pullback over the past couple months


bearish trades a year ago when markets

were at their Peak but now markets are

at their bottom the stories may start to

change a little bit we might start to

find a little bit of support on these

companies now doordash is still a

relatively new company here’s the

monthly for example again it has not

been traded for more than two to three

years which we typically like to see

but I just wanted to make sure we recap

this trade

show that it went quite well it’s going

to go into the playlist on the YouTube



my internet acting weird it’s going to

go into the playlist on the YouTube

channel that time we showed it so make

sure you go check that out again my name

is Ethan make sure you check my website from there you can find

links to all my various socials we are

currently live on YouTube twitch and for the first time so make

sure to go check that out as well

uh we’re going to move into our next

symbol here uh thank you guys so much

make sure to follow if you’d like to

stay up to date with all the latest


let’s move

On our site we have integrated a page featuring interactive charts that you can use for free and without an account by visiting this link:

That Time We Shorted (DASH) DoorDash, Inc. - Live Technical Analysis, Trade Recap!!

DoorDash, Inc. is an American company that operates an online food ordering and food delivery platform. The company is based in San Francisco, California. It went public in December 2020 on NYSE and trades under the symbol (DASH). With a 56% market share, DoorDash is the largest food delivery company in the United States.

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