BEST Tradeskill XP and Materials FARM for (Logging, Mining and Foraging) in Lost Ark

One of the BEST locations to level your logging, mining and foraging tradeskills and farm world tree leaves fast and easy is on Lullaby Island. Map location and video explanation provided below.

Mining, Logging and Foraging Guide

In Lost Ark, an MMORPG by Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games, emoting is a fun way to communicate with fellow players. Mining, logging and foraging are some of the many crafting professions in Lost Ark. There are tons of spots in the game that can be farmed for logging and mining, but not all of them have the same kind of rewards. Some locations will give you far more rewards than the rest, so those are the ones that are truly worth your time. Professions are linked to the account. All progress, such as leveling up, is therefore automatically transferred to all characters on the account. This also applies to the consumption and generation of work energy.

Lullaby Island is a great mining location in Lost Ark to farm various resources. This Island is not only good for mining, but you can also make use of various other skills like Fishing and Foraging. However, when it comes to mining, you can find useful materials located at various places on this Island. If there are too many players busy mining, you can switch layers so you can get enough materials on a layer with lesser players. You can locate Lullaby Island east of Easter Luterra, it would be situated near the singing sea.

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We need the right tools to practice our professions. These are available in different quality levels. The better the quality level, the better the bonuses. However, they are granted randomly, so we cannot give any details. Our first hunting tool is available for purchase from vendors marked with a pickaxe. The first craft trader is in Lake bar in the West Luterra area. However, tools have different quality levels, and the higher quality the required raw materials are, the better tools are required. We can craft tools with higher quality levels ourselves in our stronghold. For this, we need the following raw materials.

Lullaby Island map and location in picture below.

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okay guys so if you’re new here my name

is Ethan make sure to check out my

website and they find links

to all my various socials we are

currently live on both twitch and

YouTube so make sure to follow us on so

there’s all the latest information right

now we’re going to show you guys one of

the best places

mining materials and logging you can use

this for getting wool tree leaves as


for example world tree leaves here’s a

model and a mining

and here’s mining so as you can see I’ve

been able to collect most of them for


question one of the main reasons

materials and Mining is because you will

use them in your stronghold when you’re

crafting or trying to upgrade the

buildings at your stronghold or

potentially expand your stronghold So

currently the best place to be farming

these materials is Lullaby Island as you

just saw I was sailing to it followed by



if you come to your map type in

l-u-lullaby Island will come up click it

and as you can see it’ll show you where

it is on your map

you can then click into this tile it’s

right here lullaby Island underneath it

says singing C you want to come to this

island now once you get here

gonna walk over to this part of the map

it’s not very big not very big look

there’s somebody here it looks like me

and this is basically the Island from

here from here you’re basically going to

be running a lap through this portion of

the map right here right through the

center you don’t really need to be over

here as you can see there’s a timer here

for the secret entrance I’ve already

done it we can cover that another day

but right through here has a plethora of

logging and Mining nodes that you can

Farm what’s great about this island why

do we come here as to somewhere else

well on this island there’s actually no

mobs so you don’t have to worry about

anyone in interrupting like uh as you’re

harvesting you don’t you’re not going to

get interrupted by random mobs attacking

you and they tend to respawn pretty

quickly so

this is one of the best spots in the

game it’s how I’ve managed to get every

single world tree leave for logging Etc

you guys come through here and because

this spot is relatively well known

sometimes people come help you on the

tree nodes which makes him go a little

bit faster another thing you can do is

uh to increase your productivity

is use potions I’ll show you that in a

moment here




real quick serbius one serbius two

a bunch of random mounts

penguin skins

two of the animal skins anyways anyways

so to increase your productivity one of

the main items you’re going to want to

be using is leaps Essence what this does

is it doubles your life skill XP and

material gained for 3 000 of your energy

costs so for example I have 10 000 in my

meter let’s see here

this bar 10 000 if you use one for three

thousand of Your Life Energy you’re

going to be getting double XP into

double resources you want to make sure

you’re using those when you have them

and then the other types of potions you

can use are

basic life energy potion so this allows

you to do more than your daily allowance

of professions right

so once that bar that I just showed you

runs out you can refill it with these

don’t really use those too often uh tend

to let it just run itself



when you’re using lullaby Island as you

saw there was not any uh

any places to repair your weapons or

repair your tools or basically get

access to your storage

but if you just simply use your uh song

of Hearth and Home you can go to your

stronghold and then repair your

necessary equipment from there



so typically I’ll use my LEAP Essence

specifically when I’m coming to this

island notice how this guy just helped

me and it’s going twice as fast running

the same resources it’s actually a

pretty nice feature that they have in

Lost Ark because in a lot of other games

such as World of Warcraft you’re often

competing for nodes and this kind of


provides a way for people to work

together in the profession part of the


pretty good

and I’ll typically use my LEAP Essence

for the when I’m running this island

specifically because uh I feel like I

get the most out of it when I use my

lead vessels for other professions like

fishing I

like I’m not getting the most out of it

we’re gonna run around here for a bit

probably use the whole leap sensor when

I hit about Life Energy 600 uh I might

show you guys where I do my Excavating

and then my hunting after so stay tuned







to work with people on these logging

nodes positioning does kind of mean you

kind of want to be on the same side of

the tree

as you see we’re kind of struggling here

a little bit

we’re trying but positioning doesn’t










by pushing the L button on your keyboard

you can pull up information about your

uh profession experience

and in here you’ll unlock abilities as

you level up these different professions

so for example once you hit Level 30

you’ll unlock everything you can and uh

for example in logging I have a couple

abilities like kick tree but the force

that attains various items from from its

full chance that you obtain special

rewards we could try that here let’s uh

another one of the abilities at level 20

is a gross saplings into mature trees so

for example if I come over here


I can grow this tree from a sapling


then I can Harvest it


some of the other abilities for like

mining for example we have Moonlight

minor press this key to activate so

we’ll basically when you activate this

and then surpassing that just works

forever increases the special drop rate

of the expense of higher Life Energy

it’s it’s good just make sure you’re

using it then you got mining bomb





as I was saying earlier you can see my

durability on my equipment’s low so

instead of going all the way to Vern

or punica you can go straight to your

stronghold and repair that way and then

get right back to it



another Pro tip if you’re trying to be

as efficient as possible pick a class

from your roster that has a gear set

that’s all Swift


it could be any class theoretically uh

if you just have like a spare swiftness

set or you know if you’re playing a

gunslinger or a paladin the war dancer

maybe and you have your primary stat is

spec as you can see here right

underneath attack speed it’ll say move

speed plus 21 just allows you to jump

around between notes a little bit faster





probably the last thing you would want

to take note of is if you push L on the

keyboard it’ll bring up your trade


the level of your mining tools or your

tools in general your hunting tools

logging tool as you can see here I have

a blue item and it’s like the lowest of

the quality Gathering speed plus 4.7

percent here I have uh a legendary item

Gathering speed plus 6.2 the main thing

you get from upgrading your your tools

is notice how this one only has two

basic effects this purple one has three

basic effects and this legendary one has

four basic effects so the main thing

you’re getting out is the four and let’s

look at some of the ones on my legendary

pickaxe one of the basic effects is rare

material acquisition probability plus 33

percent and then mining trade skills

basic rewards bonus plus 27 so every

time I harvest I’m getting plus 27


uh gatherables because I have this

little legendary pick










wraps up this bit here we’re at about 5

600 work energy


I think we’re gonna go I’m gonna show

you maybe the Excavating spot next

one of the best spots in the game to be

at leveling your Excavating skills so

we’re gonna go do that next yeah again

my name’s Ethan thanks for check out my and they find links to all

my various socials


BEST Tradeskill XP and Materials FARM for (Logging, Mining and Foraging) in Lost Ark

One of the BEST locations to level your logging, mining and foraging tradeskills and farm world tree leaves fast and easy is on Lullaby Island. Map location and video explanation provided below.

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